Brace yourself: the fall starts tonight, whatever that means. On Monday night, The Weeknd posted a photo on his recently reactivated Instagram account, and the vague implications of the post are getting fans excited. The post features an extremely blurry, close-up, black-and-white photo of (presumably) him wearing glasses, accompanied by the caption "the fall starts tomorrow night." Abel is known to be a little cryptic with his art, but this is next level. Could it be some kind of reference to his 2011 track, "The Fall"? Or his later song, "King of the Fall"? The man is clearly a fan of the word.

More than likely, the mystifying phrase is alluding to the new music he has on the way. While the PBR&B singer announced through a German Mercedes-Benz commercial that aired on Sunday that his new song, "Blinding Lights," will be dropping on Friday, this recent post seems to be suggesting that we'll be getting some new material a little sooner than we expected. Or, if "the fall" that is starting tonight is not referring to his new song, perhaps it has something to do with the music video he was filming in Vegas a few weeks ago, for which he shut down a very famous street in Sin City. Or maybe they're all connected? Abel doesn't seem to be interested in making this easy for us to figure out, which is what makes it all the more interesting. Whatever it is, we'll be finding out tonight.