Last year was a quiet one for The Weeknd. Despite releasing My Deal Melancholy, fans waited in anticipation of more projects which never ended up arriving. His diehard supporters believed that maybe he would come through with a new trilogy of sorts. Unfortunately, as we all know now, that did not come to fruition. However, the future is looking insanely bright as for the last few months, Abel has been teasing his next project endlessly. The singer shared several hints that Chapter VI was officially on the way, pedalling through each of his phases and looks to become the man he is today. Finally, we've got some evidence that he's back in the studio too, working with a familiar face.

The XO vocalist posted a trio of photos and videos from the studio, and although the photos don't show much background space, you can see what appears to be a mixing board behind him in one shot. A far more interesting take was offered by Complex as they noted that producer DaHeala posted some similar content to his own social page. In the past, the two have worked closely on Kiss Land and My Dear Melancholy.

The groundwork has officially been laid down. For now, all we know is the title of the work. As for when it will be arriving, we'll have to keep a close eye on The Weeknd and let you know when that information is out.