There are not many people that look like The Weeknd. The artist has an extremely recognizable look and he has for years. During a time where you must have a certain "look" to be considered marketable, Abel has done a masterful job at it. He started out his career with his trademark hair, something that only he has been able to pull off. Despite 50 Centtrying it out recently, Weeknd's look has been an exclusive part of his brand. However, now that's he pointing out the similarities between himself and a particular late-night television host, we can't help but agree that they do look alike.

Last night's Victoria's Secret Fashion Show was a big event for models Kendall Jenner, Winnie Harlow, Bella Hadid and others with performances from Halsey, Rita Ora, and more. The Weeknd was in attendance to support his girlfriend but he also caught up to Trevor Noah, who was also taking in the show. They took a photo and Abel decided to point out how similar the two look. "Real life twin," wrote the singer, tagging Noah and including separate photos of themselves at a younger age. A smaller Weeknd with less hair looks almost exactly like Trevor Noah and it's pretty wild.

We probably won't be able to get this comparison out of our heads for a while. See for yourself below.