The Weeknd and Selena Gomez recently broke up and sources say Abel ended it because of his busy touring schedule. Rumours then began circling, with photos to back it up, that Selena got back together with her ex-boyfriend and 'first love' Justin Bieber. During that time, Drake and Bella Hadid were rumoured to be dating because Drake threw her a birthday party and sources revealed they were seeing each other in secret. Even though nothing was confirmed, sources alleged that The Weeknd wasn't happy about it since Bella was his ex-girlfriend and he and Drake run in the same circle and have the same homies.

Well, today we are given another clue to this drawn-out love triangle with a photo that shows the "Starboy" singer leaving Bella's New York apartment. Of course, the picture was taken by none other than the paparazzi where Abel is seemingly trying to dodge any sort of photo evidence of him paying a visit. If the reports of him breaking up with Selena because he was 'too busy' are true, how will things with Bella be any different?

Dating life aside, The Weeknd celebrated a major milestone earlier this week with the fifth year anniversary of his double platinum compilation album Trilogy.

As a way to show love to the fans who made his success happen, he dropped a capsule collection that's surrounded by the project's theme. The offerings, that may very well still be available online, showcase hoodies, t-shirts, hats, artwork and a second vinyl release of the album. The six-piece vinyl package includes House of BalloonsThursday and Echoes of Silence with only 1,000 units available for purchase. Every order receives a special edition photo set that sees the singer posing for the camera while some are candidly taken.