Last night at Coachella, The Weeknd was spotted with yet another one of Justin Bieber's ex girlfriend's. There appears to be an order of succession when it comes to dating youngish models or pop stars. The belt passes through Stratford, Ontario, with Bieber calling first dibs. The two singers may be resentful of one another but they share many traits in common, you could argue they are one in the same, henceforth their dating situation.

The Weeknd performed on day 1 of Coachella. On day 2 he was spotted with Justin's ex Chantel Jeffries. In case you didn't know, Chantel is model signed by Wilhemina Modeling agency. For those ready to dispel dating rumors, she was seen resting her head on his shoulder, a signature move for anyone trying to establish romance at will.

Chantel Jeffries has previously denied that she even dated Justin, once in a tell-all interview. During that segment she referred as a "GOAL Digger" and not a "Gold Digger." It's easy to get the two confused. Our coverage of their PDA-filled friendship seems to suggest otherwise. One day Abel will learn to break the pattern, but until then he will continue to feed off Justin's residuals, almost unwittingly.