Although The Weeknd's only been in the r'n'b game for six short years, he's managed to cement somewhat of an OG status when it comes to his specific brand of r'n'b and his approach to the media and the industry as a whole-- he remained elusive for the better part of his come-up, and this elusiveness extended into who he collaborated with. Abel isn't like a 2 Chainz or, perhaps better for the sake of comparison, he isn't like a Chris Brown in that he'll hand out pop-friendly hooks or features to mainstream pals and non-pals every other month. The singer keeps a tightknit circle of collaborators, not often stepping out of the circle to collaborate just for the sake of collaborating. Thus the stash of Weeknd guest verses is quite limited, and usually quite meaningful. With just over ten features under his belt, we're highlighting the five best.

Which one is your favorite? Who would you like to see The Weeknd collaborate with next? Let us know in the comments.