Michael K. Williams, who famously played Omar on the critically-acclaimed HBO drama The Wire, has revealed that one of his former pals is trying to extort the actor to a tune of $450,000, and even planned to make this case public if he didn't come up with the cash.

It seems the origins of this grievance occurred last year, when Michael Kinbrew sued Williams after the actor had agreed to become a partner in his production company; this agreement effectively entitled Kinbrew to a 20% share of Williams' revenue. 

Williams has optioned that this case be dismissed, as the actor notes how this is an attempt for Kinbrew to exploit their "one-time friendship." Williams' attorney also reveals that "Kimbrew is a one-time driver and ‘hanger-on’ of Williams, who, having had his demands for money repeatedly rejected by Williams, now seeks to extorts hundreds of thousands of dollars from Williams."

Williams also notes how Kinbrew has repeatedly harassed his accountant, and has promised that he will enact a "long drawn out ugly legal battle in the media and in the court system," if the actor does not comply. 

The case is still ongoing, and no legal action has yet to be taken on either's behalf aside from the initial lawsuit.