2013 is not the year to slip up lyrically if your an artist. With Rick Ross and Lil Wayne both losing lucrative endorsement deals after spitting some offensive bars earlier this year, it looks like Drake and J Cole are the next targets in "watch what you say". 

Drake and J Cole are both being targeted by an Anti-Bullying Alliance for their "retard" lyric used in their recent "Jodeci" freestyle. The Anti-Bullying group has already generated an online petition asking for a formal apology from each rapper, as well as the lyric/line being taken out of their song. The line being:

"I’m artistic, you niggas is autistic, retarded."

The petition has already received over 2,600 online signatures since being created on July 13th. Their goal is to reach 5,000, which seems likely to be reached soon. Anna Kennedy, an activist for autism, says: 

"It's time we recognised [sic] people with autism for the exceptional human beings that they are and make a stand."

An outcome to this petition isn't guaranteed, but its just more proof that rappers need to be careful in what they say. People are listening.

Do some people take lyrics too literal? Or do artists really need to watch their lyrics more?