Talib Kweli can usually be found debating, arguing, or flat out beefing with his Twitter followers. On Tuesday, he responded to a tweet that suggested that there are no one today matches the artistry of golden era greats like Rakim and A Tribe Called Quest.

“I disagree,” Kweli wrote. “RTJ, Joey Badass, Kendrick, Cole, Rapsody, Anderson Paak Chance, all great on the way to legend.”

Kweli dismissed the notion that the musical output in pure gold in bygone eras and primarily trash in 2016. "People forget the primary subject of real hiphop from 20-30 years ago was the ubiquitous ‘wack MC.’ Cuz there was a lot of wack shit out,” he wrote. “There’s always been wack shit. People just get older and less in tune w musical trends & ideas.”

Do you agree with Kweli?