Two years ago, a Presidential election took place and young people did not feel too encouraged to vote for either candidate. On one side Hillary Clinton was not an ideal choice for many left-leaning minds. There was also a minuscule number of people publicly expressing their support for Donald Trump. Of all the political choices, Bernie Sanders was the most promising to the youth but he ended up taking a back seat to Hillary. While the mid-term elections do not determine who will be the most powerful person in the country, they do decide key representatives of the government for each state. People have been much more enthusiastic about getting out and voting with early returns showing an increase in voter turnout. There's even a meme to represent how much more excited people are to make their voices heard.

The "Me voting in 2016 vs. Me voting in 2018" meme is making the rounds and it's perfect for today's sentiment. This meme will only be current for a single day but already, people have come up with some creative comparisons. With a large number of celebrities encouraging people to head to the polls, it's nice to see people actually follow suit. If a simple pat on the back isn't enough incentive for you, you can also get tons of free stuff just for taking the time to exercise your democratic right.

Check out some of the best memes below.