In hip-hop culture, it sometimes seems as if there's a never ending rift between fans of "mumble rap" and "real hip-hop." For better or worse, they aren't always able to coexist, and while that can lead to some glorious Joe Budden / Lil Yachty memes, it can also lead to a division within the community. Still, the debate about "mumble rap" doesn't appear to be cooling down, and for every Uzi Vert song blowing up, there's an anti-mumble rap detractor looking to go viral.

Lo and behold, the newest champion for "real hip-hop," Shakamania X. Over Kendrick's "Humble" beat, Shakamania takes aim at what feels like the entire new generation, including Lil Pump, Desiigner, Lil Uzi, Yachty, 21 Savage to name a few. He does, however, spare Denzel Curry in an admittedly funny visual gag. 

Dude has already amassed over a million views on his "Mumble" video, and he's not afraid to call out rappers by name. What do ya'll think about this one?