Have there been signs leading up to the T.I. and Tiny divorce that we’ve missed? Forced smiles for the public’s sake? Maybe we’re just reading into their relationship more than we should because we love to eat up the lives of others, to distract us from our own, even more so when they are humbled by drama and rumors, right? We’re reminded that celebrities are people too (!), with lives just as normal, yet, complex as our own.

While both T.I. and Tiny have denied all rumors of either party stepping outside of their marriage, we still need some form of closure to explain their reportedly impending divorce. As though we’re also a part of their family, and refuse to accept that our family is now broken.

Let’s have a look at how T.I. and Tiny’s relationship has grown and developed over the years, while wondering where it all went wrong.

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Photo Credit: Rick Diamond/Getty Images