During a podcast episode last year, T.I. claimed that he accompanies his 19-year-old daughter Deyjah Harris to the gynecologist to make sure she is still a virgin. The double standard behind his comments was pointed out almost instantly as Tip has encouraged his sons, who are younger than Deyjah, to go out and get some action. 

Tip has spoken about the backlash he faced but the topic has re-entered headlines as the Harris family navigates that time in the new episodes of T.I. & Tiny: Friends & Family Hustle. Last week, Deyjah spoke about how embarrassing the remarks were to her, forcing her to cleanse herself from social media for a while. Now, Tip is officially apologizing to his daughter.

In a new episode, which aired last night, T.I. spoke about why he now realizes his hymen talk was irresponsible and uncalled for. 

Deyjah Harris T.I.
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"I realize how inappropriate the conversation about Deyjah on the podcast may have been and I hold myself accountable and take full responsibility," he said after consulting with Deyjah's mother Ranniqua. "I was wrong. I am willing to accept full accountability, one hundred percent, for everything I may have said that shouldn't have been said."

Speaking to Deyjah directly, T.I. added: "I apologize to Deyjah. You know I love you. You know I've always gone above and beyond to do everything and anything possible to make you happy and keep you protected. However, I must now acknowledge the fact that you've now become a young lady. I understand that. Some lessons are harder than others, but the important thing is - make sure you get the lesson."

Deyjah Harris T.I.
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In their separate confessionals, both parties said that they didn't think they should be the first to bring the topic back up. They seemingly met halfway though and got it dealt with.