Kaylan Colbert and her husband, William Johnson, are at the center of a controversy stemming from an incident that occurred at a restaurant in Atlanta. We previously reported on the story about the couple and how management at Umi restaurant in Atlanta asked for William to leave because he was wearing sneakers—Air Force 1s, to be specific—when it stated that those shoes were against dress code. Things began to heat up during the confrontation when it was pointed out that a White woman at the bar was wearing sneakers but she wasn't being asked to leave. T.I. caught wind of the controversy and ushered in a potential boycott, but Johnson has a few words for the rapper now that T.I. reportedly received an apology from the owner and accepted on behalf of those involved.

T.I. shared a video of himself meeting with the owners of Umi, but that didn't sit well with the people involved in the incident. "Tip, you didn't reach out to us at all and you spoke on our behalf," he said. "You didn't go to the issue. He never apologized on your video. All he spoke of was his connections and what he could do for his business. It wasn't about what's going on with us, how I feel, how I feel threatened, how he actually treats people from our community." Johnson went on to say that the owners of the restaurant have personal relationships with politicians and rappers in the city, and he believes that's why T.I. didn't reach out to his family.

Johnson added that he was "disappointed" and "hurt" but T.I.'s actions because the rapper was someone he admired. He also said that he's surprised that Killer Mike hasn't said anything, either. City councilmen have reportedly reached out, but Johnson wanted to know, "Where is the love with your own people first instead of trying to save face with someone who has clout in this city?"