Back in 2018, Kanye West began touting his love for Donald Trump and the Make America Great Again slogan. For many fans, this was a low point in West's career and it will continue to be for as long as he lives. As of right now, West's love for politics seems as prominent as ever considering his campaign to become the next President of the United States.

During that run in 2018, Kanye released a song with T.I. called "Ye vs. The People." In this song, T.I. was considered as the "people" who wanted to challenge Ye on his beliefs. As of right now, T.I. is promoting the release of his new project L.I.B.R.A. which has come with a whole slew of interviews, including a long feature from Vulture's Craig Jenkins. In this piece, T.I. spoke on his Kanye West collab and how it has aged over the past couple of years.

"That track was a breath of fresh air musically, and I think that with all of the conspiracies, assumptions, and speculation that surround him and me, I don't think nobody else could have had that conversation with him as eloquently as that record came out," T.I. said. "I feel like it was just a perfect record, that only he and I could have done."

At the time, the track received a wave of criticism as some felt it was enabling Kanye and his rhetoric. Some fans, on the other hand, felt the track was necessary for allowing West to clear the air. No matter what you believe, it's clear that the track is still as relevant as ever.