T.I. has settled into his role as an O.G rather nicely. Mere days removed from playing the voice of the liberal public on Kanye West's "Ye Vs. The People," Tip has taken to Instagram to play the role of proud father. Posting up his son's prom picture, Tip did what myriad parents have done before him: wax poetic about their child on social media. 

"My how time flies!!! I remember bringing this young Man home from the hospital in a 85’suburban wit 12’ woofers in da back beating 
Tupac’s Hail Mary on repeat... look at him now!!! 😢😎 Him and his beautiful date look exquisite. I’m proud of you young man!!! Love you dearly. #ProudPops"

Respect to Tip for setting a nostalgic tone. Although, to be honest, "Hail Mary" feels like a bit of an ominous soundtrack for welcoming a child into the world.  Either way, everything seems to have turned out for the best. While this may very well fall under "breaking news, a parent loves their son" territory, it's still nice to see T.I. flex the parental chops. The game could always use more positive role models, and fatherhood is as noble an art as they come.