T.I. was so outraged by a story he heard out of Florida that he decided to become a mediator in the situation. A 15 year-old teen had her lunch meal tossed in the garbage by a cafeteria worker after coming up 15 cents short at the register. T.I. voiced his outrage in response to a Tweet by Kristen Clarke, the President & Executive Director of The National Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights Under Law, who broke the story to the masses.


T.I.'s response accounted for his facial expression with downright foul-faced emojis. The Grand Hustle CEO firmly believes that situations like these dissuade young folks from pursuing post-secondary education, his words: "This is the kinda sh*t that deters kids from coming to school." T.I. then offered to pay the teenager's lunches for the remainder of the year, provided he was put in touch with the student or her family.

The studen'ts mother Kimberly Aiken confirmed that her daughter spent the rest of day without any food in her system. Roger Edgcomb, a spokesperson for the school's in the area, affirmed his commitment to broker the issue with the school and the Aiken family. The National Lawyer's Committee headed by Kristen Clarke has already opened a GoFundMe account in the teen's honor.