Earlier this year, T.I. was charged with three misdemeanors after an alleged altercation with a neighborhood security guard. The rapper has denied any wrong doing since then and claimed the charges were "bogus." Now, the rapper has reportedly given his official plea in the case.

T.I. has plead not guilty to the charges in the neighborhood security guard assault case, The Blast reports. In the documents he officially filed last week in Georgia, he requested a trial for the case and said that he believes he could beat the case if the jury hears the entire story. Additionally, T.I. and his attorney have also requested that all three charges are completely dismissed. They argued that there was no actual "true threat" that would warrant a prosecution.

In mid-May, T.I. was arrested on charges of simple assault, disorderly conduct and public drunkenness because of a heated debate that he had with the security guard in his private neighborhood, although he said nothing physical ever came about from the altercation. T.I. claimed the argument ensued after he called the security out for allegedly sleeping on the job. Shortly after the security guard called the police on Tip but the rapper claimed the police that were sent to deal with the situation were "white cops in a very white area.” Tip maintained that the security guard was the aggressor in the situation.

A hearing for the case is set for November 20th.