It looks like things have taken a different course since Tip last talked about his trilogy albums. While it was originally reported back in October that the follow up to Tip’s Paperwork: Motion Picture would be titled “The Return”, that apparently isn’t the case anymore according to this new interview with the Grand Hustle CEO.

Sitting down with HHS87 to promote the flick “Get Hard” (where he makes a cameo with Will Ferrell & Kevin Hart), T.I. revealed that the next project in his trilogy of albums will be called Traps Open. Why? Well, that’s easy, Tip says that this new album will be “unapologetically gangsta” and have a trap sound.

When asked if we can expect to see any features on Traps Open, T.I. said “No, not yet”. So who knows how far along the album is from being complete, but at least Tip's taking it back to the streets with it.

Watch the brief interview below, and keep your eyes peeled for further updates.