Ice Cube has been catching a lot of heat over the past few days. The self-described West Coast Warlord was under fire in recent days after a member of Trump's team gave Ice Cube a shout out for his role in developing the Platinum Plan. Many wondered how someone like Cube, who famously wrote "Fuck The Police," would align himself with Trump. However, that was shut down when Cube explained that he reached out to both parties, it was just Trump's that got back to him first.

T.I. recently sat down on Power 106 where he came to Ice Cube's defense. From his perspective, Cube has proven himself to be a solid person who moves with integrity. T.I. explained that Ice Cube shouldn't be scrutinized off the bat for meeting up with Donald Trump. "I think people are being presumptuous," Tip said. "You are Cube is working with the Trump administration. Tell me how," he continued before host Teddy Mora recapped the situation.

Tip broke it down into three parts. The first part was addressing the fact that the Democrats never acted on Cube's Contract With Black America. "If you have a bipartisan initiative, you given both sides the opportunity to be involved. To add input to this initiative for the greater good of your people. And only one side responds. That's not Cube's fault," Tip said.

The Trump administration has its own way of playing the game of politics, as we've seen. T.I. said that it wasn't a shock to see them try to leverage Cube's willingness to work with them as a co-sign of sorts. T.I. suggested it was the Dems fault for missing that opportunity and pushing it back until after the election. 

"What you have to do is give Cube the benefit of his reputation. If we ain't never known, or seen, or caught Cube on no bullshit. Doing no tap dancing and bending over backward for no White Supremacist, why you think he gon' get started right now 35, 40 years in. Why?" Tip asked. "You got to give him the credit of his credibility. And if you ain't known for him to be on no bullshit before, why you automatically gonna put him in the mix of some bullshit now?"

Later on in the interview, T.I. also discussed turning down a meeting with Donald Trump through Polow Da Don. 

Peep the interview below with the full Ice Cube bit starting around the 14:00 mark. Does T.I. have a point? Sound off in the comment section below.