T.I. has taken a break from declaring himself the inventor of trap music in order to announce his involvement in an upcoming business competition reality show coming to BET this July.

"The Grand Hustle", which was created and executive produced by T.I. himself, will star the rapper as the arbiter of 16 self-proclaimed hustlers, with the grand prize being a six-figure salary position at T.I.'s Grand Hustle Productions.

T.I. isn't offering any prejudices with who can compete either, so the show will hopefully have an interesting mix of backgrounds and personalities. “It doesn’t matter if you got your hustle at Harvard or the hood," said T.I. in a press release issued yesterday. "'THE GRAND HUSTLE' is about how you handle business and what you can do for the brand so I wanted to create a show that offers an equal playing field.” 

The show is set to run for twelve episodes, each an hour long. Though the actual format the show will take is still unknown, the press release promises "big deals" and "even bigger doses of drama." Regardless, at the end of the road, only one contestant can be crowned "The Grand Hustler."

The press release fails to mention whether the show is all a ploy for T.I. to leverage his role as a reality show host into a successful presidential campaign, but that remains to be seen.

The show is set to premiere this summer, on July 19th, at 10:00 PM EDT. Be sure to clear your calendars immediately in order not to miss the first episode.