After captivating the masses with her stellar masterclass in brevity Whack World, Tierra Whack found her name ringing bells. Now, the North Philly rapper has sat down with Billboard for an extensive conversation, exploring the nature of her songwriting, inspiration, and relationship with the legendary Andre 3000. Though an OutKast co-sign is a valuable asset in the rap game, her insight into the process is interesting in itself. When asked how she decided on delivering a cohesive batch of one minute songs, Tierra broke down the decision:

"I was driving myself crazy, and then my engineer -- who’s working closely with me -- was like, "We got to find a way, ‘cause you’re so fucking moody, and doing something different every ten fucking seconds, or changing your mind up, or whatever." So we looked at Instagram, and Instagram is 60 seconds [max for a video]. We were like, "Yo, let’s do a song that’s a collection of 60 seconds, and just rock out." So I started to record 60-second songs, and just shut it off at sixty seconds.

She proceeds to humble-brag about having an open discourse with Andre 3000, laughing at the fact she can text him "whenever she wants." Whack explains that the pair recently sat down for some lunch, a process that led to a feast of chicken wings and sushi. "We talked about random shit, we didn’t really get deep," reveals Whack. "We were chilling. There were a few times I looked up at him, like, "What the fuck, that’s Andre 3000, it’s really you," and he’d just laugh."

Be sure to peep the full conversation here, courtesy of Billboard