When you're having as successful of a year as Tierra Whack, you get to buy nice things for yourself... and your turtle. The charismatic rapper actually only got her "new best friend" and "son", Boots, a few days ago, but she's already pampering him. Not only is she taking him on pleasant walks with a leash, she also copped him a new whip. She posted a video of Boots in his orange drop-top mini Lamborghini and he really looks like he's living his best life. 

But of course, with success comes haters. After seeing Boots Whack flexing his ride, Vince Staples commented on the Instagram video: "I really despise you cuh". Although, there is a good chance this sentiment was directed at Tierra for putting a turtle in a 'Ghini. Pusha T also seemed to be a bit baffled upon seeing Boots on a leash because he commented a hand-covering-face emoji. However, Boots also fans. Princess Nokia and Jordyn Woods both excitedly greeted him after making his Insta debut, and Doja Cat thinks "he fuckin cute". 

Many are expressing envy of Boots' luxurious lifestyle on Twitter, but we can't all be winners. It's a Whack World, indeed. 




Between her Boots content, her wonderfully colorful outfits and her fire freestyles, Tierra Whack is becoming one of the best Instagram accounts to follow.