Currently the top-rated show on Netflix, Tiger King is a runaway hit for the streaming service. The multi-part documentary series tells the story of Joe Exotic, the owner of an exotic animal zoo known for its big cats. Throughout the series, Exotic's longtime partner John Finlay is shown giving on-camera testimonials without a shirt and with very few teeth remaining in his mouth. After it was reported that several stars of the series were upset at their portrayal on-screen, it was revealed that Finlay had actually gotten some serious dental work to repair his chompers.

If you're as obsessed about Tiger King as the remainder of the world is, you probably know all about John Finlay already. If you don't, he's the ex-husband of Joe Exotic, the main character of the show who is currently in prison on murder-for-hire charges. His toothless grin was a highlight of the doc, but it appears as though he's either got a fresh pair of dentures or had his teeth permanently fixed.

In new pictures that are currently circulating across the internet, John Finlay is seen flexing a brand new smile and, noticeably so, homeboy's got some fresh dentures. Good for him!

Check out the difference below and be sure to binge-watch the new series on Netflix when you have the chance.