Just a couple of weeks ago, legendary golfer Tiger Woods ended up in a horrific car crash that left him with devastating injuries that will keep him out of the sport for a very long time. These injuries include a shattered ankle and even a compound fracture that forced the golfer to go get surgery. Since the accident, many have wondered what truly happened and how Woods' car could end up in such a bad state. 

According to TMZ, the L.A. County Sheriff now has a search warrant for the car's black box. For those who don't know, the black box contains a whole slew of data that will tell you the speeds of the car prior to the crash. Essentially, the cops want to know if Tiger was breaking any laws at the time of the incident.

Tiger Woods

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There is only one offense that Tiger could be guilty of and it would be misdemeanor reckless driving. Because of the severity of the crash, the Sheriff was able to obtain the warrant with ease, as these types of violent accidents are more often than not caused by high speeds.

As it stands, Tiger is on the mend and has been transferred to a new hospital where he will have to undergo rigorous physical therapy. We wish the golfing superstar a speedy recovery, and hopefully, he can get back to the course sooner rather than later.

Tiger Woods

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