If you were itching for more than a Tinashe Instagram post showcasing her worldly travels and hawt bawdy, you're in luck. The singer has been a heavy presence on social media, but her presence on the music side of things has been sparse and far between. 

The last time Tinashe dropped new music, and it wasn't even off Joyride, was back in September, with "Light the Night Up." She's evidently been working though, and today she finally reveals a lil something for the fans. Taking to socials, Tinashe shared some artwork which appears (using common sense/best judgement) to list three different song titles, and the words "coming soon." "No Drama," "Me So Bad," and "Faded Love," are the three credits alongside the promotional image, which finds Tinashe laid out on in bejeweled underwear and bustier-bra.

This isn't all she released, though. With the image comes a mini video, where we get to see some of the work Tinashe's been putting in over the past year, aka, studio sessions galore. "I had my brothers come over and we built a studio," the video begins. It closes with Tinashe saying, "I'm excited about the song coming out. I think it'll be good, I hope people like it."

On top of all this, she's also shared a new link for a Joyride website.

Take a look at everything below, and stand by.