If you've been keeping up with the latest drama surrounding Tinashe and Ben Simmons' break-up, you know it's been quite the complicated situation. While they weren't dating for the longest time, Tinashe referred to the Philadelphia 76ers baller as her "boo thang," affectionately being spotted with him on the regular. Tinashe's family had chimed in when they had broken up with her brothers stating that Simmons had cheated on the singer with Kendall Jenner. Now that Jenner and Simmons have been together for a few weeks, Tinashe may have taken the pettiness to levels that 50 Cent can only aspire to reach.

The "2 On" singer was spotted in Las Vegas with Detroit Pistons forward Blake Griffin, who just so happens to be one of Kendall's exes. While both Griffin and Tinashe are getting over break-ups at the moment, perhaps they figured the best way to get back at their respective exes and move on would be to date their former significant others. If the plan was rooted in the art of being petty, both Blake Griffin and Tinashe get an A for effort here. Page Six reported that the two shared a VIP table at Apex Social Club in Las Vegas over the weekend. Additionally, Blake watched Tinashe perform earlier in the night, leading some to believe that the two could have more than just a friendship in the works.

It may be a reach but it seems very coincidental that the two were seen together this soon after each other's break-ups. While there are no official photos of the two together, check out some shots below that confirm they were at the same place at the same time.