If you've been paying attention to recent news surrounding Tinashe, you know that her relationship status has been pretty rocky for the last little while. First, she was dating Ben Simmons before he moved on to Kendall Jenner, starting a crazy whirlwind of drama involving stalking allegations, public statements, and the entire works. Seemingly going on a date with Blake Griffin during the drama, Tinashe looks to be single and ready to mingle at this point. Reports were starting to break that she was spotted with Kevin Durant, continuing her string of NBA relationships but the singer quickly shut those down when approached by a photographer.

Making her way downtown, Tinashe was hanging with a friend and looking quite chipper during her nighttime festivities. The paparazzo wasted no time as he was there for a reason: to find out the deets from Tinashe's night with KD. Unfortunately for him, he didn't get the resolution he wanted. Or maybe he did as it means that he likely has as much of a chance with the artist as the rest of us. Nashe laughed off the claims, telling him, "I've never even met Kevin Durant. Never met him." The Blast posted a video of the star responding to the claims as she walked off, giggling with her friend.

With KD now out of the picture even though it seems he was never really in the picture, this leaves room for the next outrageous story about Tinashe's love life. When will this all stop? Who knows? The great thing is that all this drama has produced a pretty good single for Tinashe, titled "Like I Used To."