Since the release of Culture II, it seems like more and more people are starting to recognize the brilliance behind Takeoff. While he's the most quiet out of the trio, he definitely compensates for that on records. He's arguably one of the hottest rappers in the game entirely and his efforts on Culture II solidified his strengths as an emcee. Tinashe recently collaborated with Offset on "No Drama", and while she admits that he's her favorite member, she's starting to lean towards team Takeoff.

Tinashe recently caught up with The FADER for a new episode of "Everything You Need To Know." During the episode, she spoke on the Migos and their impact to the culture. She had high praises for them and how they've managed to transcend culture while maintaining their roots.

"Their stuff is just like so fun and high energy. It's got all those adlibs and catchy things you could say," she said, "They have such characters you know. There kind of like cartoon characters in themselves. They have such personas and the way they dress is dope."

When asked about her favorite member, she revealed that she's starting to feel Takeoff.

"See my favorite member of the Migos has always been Offset, to be fair but you know, I'm starting to lean towards Takeoff," she said, "Takeoff needs more love. I feel like he's really underrated out here but he's low key got some fire verses."

Takeoff definitely was the highlight on Culture II so Tinashe definitely isn't lying. Maybe she'll get Takeoff on the remix of "No Drama."

Peep the full interview below.