At the top of the month, the rumour mill had significant evidence that Tinashe was dating Philadelphia 76ers player Ben Simmons. With the numerous heart emoji comments on her Instagram photos and his in return, it was a sure bet that they were feelin' each other. After the fact, TMZ caught up with the R&B princess where she called Ben her "little boo thang."

If for some reason you weren't convinced, still, then Tinashe's recent Instagram upload will make you believe it even more. Ben was recently playing a game against the New York Knicks and although his team was down by one point, at the time, Ben had pulled in a total of 13 points and Tinashe was nothing but proud.

The "Faded Love" singer captioned a screenshot of her man and his score total saying "Congrats in order" with some love emojis, of course. This post was almost a day ago, so who knows if Ben has received his congratulatory gift.  

In other Tinashe news, her long-awaited Joyride album is set to drop next month