As reportedFloyd Mayweather, his personal DJ Jay Bling, and T.I.'s entourage got into a mild-to-severe altercation before the BET Awards ceremony - at which point, there wasn't much information to go on, save for the DJ's personal testimony. On social media, he claimed that T.I. beat him down, due to frustrations over Floyd Mayweather's "unsolicited friendship" with T.I.'s wife Tameka "Tiny" Harris - questions I wholeheartedly think should be left unanswered. Sometimes a good whooping is all the ventilation one needs to vanquish their innermost demons.

It's safe to say, Jay Bling wasn't the intended target of T.I.'s resentful anger, but he suffered the brunt of the damage all the same. The following footage procured by The Blastshows T.I. blowing off steam outside of the BOA Steakhouse where the altercation allegedly took place. Members of Floyd's entourage can be seen circling the area as well.

Jay Bling is said to have fled the establishment in a tattered state, his shirt ripped to shreds, his chain inconspicuously missing from its regular spot around his neck. See for yourself (down below), and come to your own conclusion if you so please. In doing so, consider the following: does Jay Bling's public testimonial constitute dry snitching?