TMZ is claiming that Paris Jackson was rushed to a hospital early this morning after she attempted. The problem is Paris is denying every last word of it. 20 minutes after the media outlet published the story, Paris fired back on Twitter in labeling them "fucking liars."

For what it's worth, TMZ may have been the unlucky recipient of a good old bait and switch, it's hard to say. The report they ran read a little something like this: Insiders claimed Police and Emergency Medical Services responded to a distress call placed at Paris' residence in Los Angeles. According to their "sources," they found Paris gaping with blood on both her wrists, leading to her hospitalization in a psychiatric ward and the consequent issuance a 5150 hold. The same report went onto indicate that Paris "indeed" in stable condition.

TMZ also noted that it wasn't the first time Paris has resorted to suicide in order to escape her inner-anguish. Since her father's death in 2009, Paris has battled depression and as they mentioned, attempted suicide back in 2013. Since Leaving Neverland first hit the airwaves, Paris' father Michael Jackson has become the subject of a reactionary movement aimed at muting his legacy and influence. Paris Jackson is currently 20 years of age.