Pusha T's wedding was star-studded, but one little unknown dancer stole part of the show. A toddler, who was part of the wedding party, caught all the guests attention. Actually, one particular person caught her attention too, which caused the baby girl to become an internet sensation.

She passed guests as she was being led down the aisle. She was teetering as toddlers do but her groove shifted when she caught a glimpse of Future smiling at her. The baby legit did a double-take. It seems like she got the confirmation she needed and her body went into an automatic dance-mode as if his smile was a musical bop. 

Clearly, Future's face has some kind of magical quality. The music that was playing did not warrant that kind of groove. The little girl must have been jiving to some other tune in her mind.

Her parents have probably been blasting Future's music videos at the crib. Baby girl might have been bumping that leaked track Future did with Quavo. Better yet, her parents might be onto something fresher, introducing her to his latest collaborations. If so, the toddler is likely to have been envisioning her moves to the "Drip" supermix from her little car seat. Bless the youth. The future is bright.