A shameless TikTok user by the name of Ava Louise told Dr. Phil in a video call interview that licking an airplane toilet seat and putting others at risk of contracting coronavirus was all worth it as long as she's getting attention. If you were hoping to feel dumbstruck beyond belief today, you're in luck. Yet another TikTok user who is definitely not the brightest mind has reached viral fame for licking a toilet seat on camera, as part of the "Coronavirus Challenge" on the app. 21-year-old Ava is making the most of her infuriating newfound fame by (virtually) sitting down with Dr. Phil for an interview about why on earth she would ever do what she did, and she's blown us all away by making us despise her even more than we did before. Who knew that was even possible?

The self-proclaimed "clout-chaser" admits that the toilet was on her sugar daddy's private plane and that she'd bleached it beforehand, exposing herself for intentionally tricking the public into thinking she was purposely putting herself and others at risk of catching coronavirus. Despite these alternative circumstances, the heated debate moves forward, and among the many gems that came out of their exchange, Ava confesses that she "was really annoyed that coronavirus was getting more publicity than me."

Ava Louise Dr. Phil coronavirus airplane toilet seat licker tiktok viral fame attention infect florida miami spring break interview video phone callRebecca Sapp/Getty Images for Zimmer Children's Museum

The interview becomes particularly tense, as Dr. Phil attempts to make sense of the pure ignorance spewing from Ava's mouth. As one of the many college students that flocked to Florida for spring break despite the global pandemic, Ava claims that young people "can't" get coronavirus, and that none of her fellow spring breakers have contracted it. She also says that "old people" are actually the selfish ones for trying to limit the freedom of young people, since older people are "the ones who could die." When Dr. Phil asks Ava, "if you infect one person that loses their life, is it worth it for you to have this attention?" she says yes, then proceeds to threaten to "pull up and cough on" Dr. Phil himself. He tells Ava that she has a "spoiled and entitled attitude" and asks viewers to "completely disregard everything [she's] saying." That's probably some good advice. Watch the full interview in the clips below and try not to lose your mind.