Tokyo Jetz knows she messed up and she's holding herself accountable for it.

Earlier today, the rapper was trending on social media because of an insensitive joke she made about George Floyd's death. Hanging out with her hairstylist, she put her arms around his neck in a chokehold and said: "I'ma George Floyd your muthafuckin’ ass."

Since the video started circulating, Tokyo Jetz deleted all of the content on her Instagram page and replaced it with a single apology, addressing her fans and anybody that was offended by her tasteless joke.

"I’m sorry, I messed up big time," she wrote on the post, realizing that she made a big mistake. "Nothing excuses what I’ve said and done, but I do really want everyone to know I’m not proud of it and sincerely apologize."

In the video, the Grand Hustle artist says that herself, her son, or anybody in her family could have been the victim of such a hate crime, speaking through tears and explaining that she does not expect anybody to justify her message. She also says that she is not releasing the video to make excuses for her behavior.

Watch Tokyo Jetz apologize below and let us know if you accept her words or if she's effectively canceled to you.