Tokyo Toni is receiving some much-deserved backlash after going on an out of pocket rant about "Black b*tches" and the Black community in general. During the hateful rant, she makes fun of the Black Lives Matter movement, claiming that "Black lives don't matter to Black people." She also brings up the tired argument about Black on Black crime at one point as a counter to the issue of police brutality.

tokyo toni black lives matter rant mockArnold Turner/Getty Images for The Zeus Network

"You Black, stupid mother*ckers, ignorant, got your pants hangin’ at your ass,” she began. "But you want a change? The dumbest Black people I’ve ever seen in my life. That’s why you slaves. You’ll always be. I’m ready to f*ck with the Latinos. I’m coming out of the Black hood. I’m f*ckin’ with my own people. I’m sorry.” She goes on to direct her hate specifically toward Black women, claiming that they're "worthless."

“You Black b*tches, I just can’t f*ck with you no more," she says. "For real. You really worthless. Low self-esteem, frequency on low as f*ck. You f*ck every man that give you a dollar. That’s why your frequency low, that’s why you can’t get above zero. And you wonder why. I ain’t gon’ preach it to you, let your b*tch ass mother do it, the b*tch taught you nothin’. And you all mad at me.”

“F*ck you. ‘Black Lives Matter,’” she continues, imitating crying sounds. “No it don’t, not to Black people. Let’s just say that. They matter, but they don’t matter to Black people. You b*tches are junkies, you let your kids smoke weed and drugs in the house. ‘Oh, I’d rather them do it at home than in the street.’ B*tch I will say don’t do it at all.” She then indicates that she would beat her kids with a glass jar if they ever did drugs. 

“Aww, people got killed by police?" she says in a patronizing tone. "Let’s count how many people got killed by their own kind." At another point during her rant, Tokyo continues to directly attack Black women. "I don’t wanna f*ck with these hoes, especially these Black b*tches," she says. "You out your f*cking mind. I need me some Latinos. My kind, my girls."

"Y'all b*tches are worthless as f*ck in my opinion," she continues. "What is your purpose in life?...Look at you just sitting up there on welfare. Your mother, your grandmother, all you motherf*ckers. Generational wealth of welfare. Your f*cking kids, stupid, don’t know a second language, but you buy the top hair weave. Can't no Black b*tches talk to me. So take your Black Power, Black Panther ass on. Go on and march on down the street and all of that sh*t. Just get away from me...'cause you b*tches kill each other. Terrible."