Tommie Lee hard earned herself some criticism through her mourning a loved one. The entertainer shared her grief via IG live, telling her viewers that she "missed out" on expressing her appreciation for her lover who recently passed away. She also posted some intimate videos of the pair, under which comments criticized Tommie. Apparently, this boyfriend also happened to have another girlfriend with whom he shared a daughter. Clips appear after the jump.

Lee paused her tears to respond to the negative remarks. Someone commented, "He has a damn girlfriend! Damn near his wife! Why are you posting videos all over him?! Have some type of respect for his girlfriend and daughter." Tommie clapped back quickly, "B*tch f*ck you and her. Far as I know, she’s the reason he’s dead. This my n*gga for life and even death. Eat it up h*e!"

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Meek Mill also addressed Chiko's death on social media: "RIP 🙏🏾🙏🏾@chiko_juan you fought a long war with the streets I used to be scared for ya sometimes lol I’m sending my prayers to ya mom Rest in peace"

Bossip reported the details of his passing:

Tommie’s deceased lover is a man named Chiko Juan. Chiko Juan was reportedly killed in a triple shooting. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports that the shooting took place on the night of December 12 at around 9 p.m. in an apartment complex in South Fulton, Georgia. Juan, was killed and two others were wounded. Authorities told the media that the shooting took place after a group of men got into a fight. There are no suspects of the shooting outstanding and that no witnesses have come forward.