Pro skateboarding legend Tony Hawk recently revealed that he almost starred in a "Skate Jam" movie, similar to Warner Bros' "Space Jam," but plans fell through when "Looney Tunes: Back In Action" bombed at the box office in 2003.

Hawk posted a concept image of "Skate Jam" on his social media accounts over the weekend, giving fans a glimpse of what a skateboarding version of Space Jam could have looked like.

Hawk further explained on his IG account:

"in 2003, I was requested to meet with Warner Brothers about doing a film with the Looney Tunes characters that was tentatively titled “Skate Jam.” Their plan was to bring back Bugs, Taz, etc into the cinema with a current release called “Back In Action” and then immediately start working on my project. I was about to leave for a skate trip in Australia so they met me at that iconic dome-shaped restaurant in the middle of LAX before my flight that evening. They were SERIOUS. We talked about storylines and shooting schedules, and they casually mentioned that I would get $1 million up front for signing on."

"I flew to Sydney that night with a sense of wonder and excitement; I had never met with Hollywood heads and felt so sure about something happening. During my week-long trip, “Back In Action” was released in theaters and bombed. By the time I got home, Skate Jam had been “indefinitely postponed” and I never heard about it again. I still think it would have been a hit considering skateboarding’s popularity at the time, and the reverence kids (now young adults) had for Space Jam. This drawing was given to me at a skate demo that Looney Tunes sponsored years before our movie talks began; with Marvin fittingly on a hoverboard."