Once again, Too Short fled the scene after being caught for a wrong-doing. You may recall that last year, Short was pulled over by the cops and appeared to be under the influence-- he tried to make a run for it, but was later apprehended, and charged with a DUI. He was put on probation for three years.

We'll have to see how his probation affects his latest misdemeanor. The rapper brought a loaded gun to a Southern California airport, for some strange reason, AP reports today. The rapper's loaded gun was spotted by a TSA employee when the rapper's carry-on luggage went through a baggage scanner. At that point, Short fled the airport, leaving his baggage behind.

Burbank police Sgt. John Pfrommer says that Too Short returned the following day with his lawyer, and was cited for a misdemeanor possession of a loaded handgun in a public place.

The rapper is due in court on November 3rd. We'll update you following his court date.

[Update: Short Explains It Was An Accident]

In an interview with VladTV, Too Short has opened up about the incident, revealing that it was a complete accident that the gun was in his bag. he also clarified that he did not "run" from the airport as some had reported.

"I went to the airport and there was a gun in my bag and obviously it wasn't purposely [there]," he explained. "Who would go through TSA with a pistol?... I made a mistake, packed the wrong bag, got there. When I realized what the problem was. I wanted to just talk to my legal people and say, 'Hey man, can we figure this out?'.

It seems that's just what happened, as when the rapper got in touch with security, there was a surprising lack of hassle. "Probably 20-30 minutes after it happened we called back, talked to TSA, we talked to Burbank PD, we arranged for me to come back and get cited... I did not get arrested. I did not run out of the airport... I made a big fucking mistake."

Watch the interview below.