Last May, Teana Louis reported that Too Short sexually assaulted her multiple times between June and October of 2016. After nearly a year of police reports, just earlier this week the judge decided that Short won't face any criminal charges since there wasn't enough evidence to prove Teana's case. The Bay Area rapper even provided the courts with text messages proving that Teana initiated only consensual sex with a message that read: "Baby I wish you were here right now, just talking to u on the phone makes me wet.”

TMZ now reports that Short is suing Teana for spreading lies that greatly dampened his career. He claims he and Teana only "cuddled' a few times and didn't even have sex. The documents on Short's behalf state that valuable business partners pulled out of deals with him because he was being painted as a rapist. He claims that all he wanted to do was help her with her music career and when it didn't work out and he moved on she cried wolf. 

When Teana first came out with her allegations she stated: "It's extremely devastating when you're a young woman and you have to accept that your first sexual encounter was rape by a cruel old man that is nearly 60 years old."

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