If you're on the East Coast like we are, you probably walked outside in the last few days and noticed something; it's fucking cold out. Where'd that come from? It feels like just yesterday we were riding around with our windows down bumping "Hot Nigga" remixes and enjoying our Summer. As the leaves start to turn different colors and our t-shirts start getting covered by our hoodies, we need something to warm us up. Nah, miss us with that pumpkin spice latte bullshit, how about some fire freestyles? 

For this week's Monday Top 10, we're counting down the hottest freestyles of the Fall so far. Because Fall isn't technically over, we'll move the starting point up and just count everything from September and October. As usual, we'll rundown the 10 best, as well as a bunch that just missed the cut. Make sure you join the discussion by commenting with any we missed or got wrong (or right...lol jokes, that never happens). Also, hit us up on Facebook and Twitter with your feedback and suggestions.