Over the last few years, the hip-hop producer has taken a huge step into the spotlight. With their credits often being seen in the song title, and their tag placed at the beginning of their tracks, they've become hard to miss. Pioneers like Just Blaze paved the way for producers to get their shine, and guys like DJ Mustard have run with it, creating massive brands and even putting out successful albums. With the production craft being at the height of its prominence, and so many new and talented producers making moves, we thought we should let you know about some of the best young guns doing it right now. In today's Top 10, we'll count down the best young producers in the game. We're not necessarily using "young" as a barometer of age, but rather of experience in the game, and credits to their name.

As usual with our Monday Top 10 lists, we'll run through the best 10, as well as a handful that just missed the cut. Make sure you hop in the comments to let us know your favorites, or anyone we missed. You can also hit us up on Facebook or Twitter with your feedback -- it's always welcomed. 

PS- the Khaled adlibs on this song doe?! REAL LIFE