Young Thug’s eccentric style is one to be appreciated for what it is, and not chastised for what it is not. Many people did not understand Thug’s creative choices, causing a lag, until they finally got on board with Thug’s artistry-- because yes, most people have finally conceited defeat to Thug’s musical prowess. We’ve watched Thug’s ability to transcend all expectations, time and time again, in the midst of many doubting his longevity, he’s always found a way to continue making music that’s 100% honest to him.

We’re long past questioning Young Thug’s unique pursuits, we just want more music, and for him to continue pushing the envelope, as he’s done throughout the past few years. Seeing Thug at his most minimalistic on the country-inspired Beautiful Thugger Girls draws parallels to how Lil Wayne drifted away from rap to create his rock album Rebirth. Although, the two drifted towards completely opposite sides of the spectrum, and where Wayne came up short in his experimental venture, Thug was able to make BTG one of his smoothest body of work to date, sonically.

Young Thug has always had a sixth sense at predicting his future, in a way. Well aware and confident in his skills, nothing speaks more volume than his dedication to get to where he is now, and we don’t expect Thug to get too comfortable in his position anytime soon. In an interview with MusicConnectzMag, we see Young Thug, age 19, speak into existence his involvement with Young Money and Cash Money. Even early on we can hear the lesser polished version of Young Thug’s signature sound, in his behind the scenes for “This is My Life,” which could be considered as the original version of his hit song “Lifestyle” featuring Rich Homie Quan. In a way, things seemed to have come full circle? 

Though things have been quiet for Young Thug after the release of his experimental and freeform Beautiful Thugger Girls on June 16th, Thugger came back alongside A$AP Rocky on The Weeknd’s recent release of “Reminder (Remix)," and blessed Abel with another formidable feature, which is not included on this list.

Which brings us to ask, what are some of your favorite Young Thug-featured songs?

In no particular order, here’s our top 10 featured Thug verses 

Also, we're wishing Young Thug a Happy Birthday from the folks at HotNewHipHop!