Extending far beyond the confines of Hollywood's revered "triple-threat" classification, Donald Glover A.K.A. Childish Gambino has proven his diverse set of talents multiple times over both on and off screen. Glover has successfully exercised his creativity as an actor, writer, director, comedian, producer, singer-songwriter, rapper and DJ, earning both commercial and critical acclaim for his efforts. First making a name for himself while a student at New York University's prestigious Tisch School of the Arts, Glover first burst onto the scene with Internet sketch group Derrick Comedy. Alongside fellow co-founders, Dominic Dierkes and DC Pierson, Glover's irreverent brand of humour led to the creation of viral videos like "Bro Rape," "Blowjob Girl" and "Don't Jerk Off To This" along with a full-length feature film released in 2009. 

Glover's obvious comedic talent led to SNL alum and Mean Girls creator Tina Fey reaching out to the rising star while he was still an undergraduate student for a spot on the writing team of her NBC Sitcom 30 Rock. Quitting just two years after landing his coveted writing gig, Glover announced his desire to pursue a career in acting. "He wanted to pursue performing,” said Fey. “Normally you’re in the position of telling people, ‘Maybe pursue it on the side. Don’t give up your income,’ because you don’t feel like they’ll make it. But with Donald the answer was clearly, ‘Yep. You’re wasting valuable time here. Go get famous.’ ”

True to form, Glover did just that. While starring on the hit NBC sitcom Community, Glover cultivated a burgeoning rap career before creating, starring and directing in the FX series Atlanta. Under the stage moniker Childish Gambino, (which Glover created with the help of a Wu-Tang Clan name generator) the "Heartbeat" rapper went on to drop three studio albums, seven mixtapes and two EPs. With the first five mixtapes and EP released independently, the 34-year-old signed to Glassnote Records in 2011 before dropping his first album on a major record label, Camp produced by Swedish composer Ludwig Goransson. After scoring two Grammy Award nominations in 2015 for his album Because the Internet and single "3005," Glover went on to snag the gilded gramophone in 2018 for Best Traditional R&B Performance.

In lieu of Glover promising to retire Childish Gambino after just one more album, let's take a look back at the very best in the discography of such a prolific off-kilter comedy star-turned-chart-topping hitmaker.