2012 was a monumental year for 2 Chainz, as the rapper's titular ad-lib was impossible to escape, whether on his countless features or massively successful solo singles. After release of his debut album under his new pseudonym (never forget his long stint as Tity Boi), Chainz became a little less omni-present, instead choosing to broaden his range and make a bid as an album artist. This phase made for some of his best work to date, including the eternally underrated BOATS II, and his experimental Freebase EP.

After perfecting his craft, the Atlanta rapper proved his hit-making abilities once again with 2015's "Watch Out," and ever since, he's back to stealing the spotlight on every one of his features, even among artists like Kanye West, Drake, and Gucci Mane. In case you haven't been paying attention to the current Chainz run, we've put together a rundown of 5 of his best verses this year. Click through the gallery and give it up for the incomparable Tity 2 Necklace.