Back in 2002, the mixtape was the medium of choice for the rap world. With Dipset and G-Unit running New York, it was one of the most exciting times to be a fan of hip-hop. Things felt raw, authentic, and heartfelt. Thug love was in fashion, and if your clothes fit right, it's cause they probably shrank in the dryer.

From 50 Cent Is The Future to TIP's In Da Streets Pt. 1, rap was undergoing a new world order. If you aren't old enough to remember this illustrious time, this article is more important for your consumption than any other you'll find this week.

Flip through the gallery above to see out picks for best mixtapes of 2002, and let us know your thoughts in the comments section. Did we miss any key tapes in your opinion?

[Photo credit: Amy Graves/Getty Images]