In a world where mixtapes are becoming albums and albums are becoming EPs, the lines between different forms of expression within this medium have never appeared so blurred. Some artists are tossing out these short collections of songs so that the fans can dictate what will eventually become the lead single for a forthcoming album; others are merely interested in pushing the form to its limits, cramming as much style and content into a ~20 minute runtime as we, the listeners, could possibly digest.

For the most part, we seem to be letting the artists dictate how we categorize their projects - if Kanye West wants to take the equivalent of two full-length albums and spread it across five separate releases, so be it! Regardless, many of these so-called EPs are worthy of note and are becoming major moments in rising and established artists’ careers alike. As we reach our halfway mark of 2018, we've taken the time to revisit the extended plays released thus far and round up the best of.

The following are our top 9 EPs of 2018, so far. Ranked for your debating pleasure, let us know what you think in the comments.