There is somewhat of a divide between a club banger and a mainstream, popular hip-hop song, however, often times, the two overlap. The ever trust-worthy Urban Dictionary describes “club banger” as a term “used to describe a song to get all da bitches in the club movin. A song that makes you jump at a party.” These so called club bangers are played excessively at night clubs (duh) and the crowds can't get enough of them. At the same time, a club banger can turn into a mainstream, radio-friendly record, simply because they often feature top artists in the game, with catchy hooks and beats you can't help but move to and/or sing along to. Over the past ten yearship-hop has bestowed upon its fans not only some of the most creative and engaging music but an ample amount of bona fide “club bangers” for us all to party to.

Check out the list and see if your favorite “banger” of the decade made it. We're sure to see plenty more as the summer arrives.