Last week was definitely dominated by SXSW, with most of the rap world seeming like they were down in Austin either to perform, kick it with some of their equals in the game, or announce mixtapes in creative ways. Online though, things kept rolling as usual, with a few songs ostensibly dropped to serve as SXSW promo, but the majortiy of the big ones arriving in pretty standard ways (Fargo Fridays, OVO Sound Radio, Wavy Wednesdays, etc.). 

On our chart, we had four new arrivals storm the top four, with juggernaut cuts by Travi$ Scott and 2 Chainz/Lil Wayne finally receding down the numbers after several weeks spent hovering towards the top. This week was huge for Toronto, who in addition to dominating OVO's show-stopping SXSW appearance, also take up half of our top ten today. Most are OVO-affiliated (although PartyNextDoor and Drake's huge track will have to wait until next week to debut on this list, likely at the top), but you know our guy T Lanez is in there too.

10. Tory Lanez - Tim Duncan (Prod. by C-Sick)

Tory's ode to his shooters has proven to be one of his biggest smashes with HNHH users in recent memory. After appearing at number two last week, it's slipped quite a bit, but that's probably due to another fire cut arriving last Friday.

9. A$AP Ferg Feat. Marty Baller - I Don't Care

Although the best A$AP song to drop last week was almost unquestionably the one that debuted on the HBO show "Animals," people were still bumping Ferg's masterpiece from two weeks ago, "I Don't Care." It's definitely his artist Marty Baller's highest profile appearance since 2014's Ferg Forever tape, and he certainly makes the most of it. We're looking forward to hearing some more solo cuts of his, as well as (obviously) At Long Last A$AP

8. Travi$ Scott - Uber Everywhere

This is the fifth straight edition of Top Tracks that's featured some version of Travi$ Scott's "not a remix" of MADEINTYO's "Uber Everywhere"-- first the radio rip, now the official version. It seems to be on its way out though, so note to La Flame: time to drop some more shit! Also stayed tuned for MADEINBOOMIN, Tyo's upcoming collab project with the inimitable Metro Boomin.

7. Majid Jordan Feat. Drake - My Love (Remix)

The lowest-rated song on this week's list, the "My Love" remix suffered from somewhat of a misleading title, as it seems like people were expecting new Drizzy bars but only got an updated beat (imagine that, an actual remix!). With the most recent PND song though, we got some of those, and honestly they weren't too amazing. "Just cause he got a heart don't mean he got heart" is particularly a clunker. 

6. Domo Genesis Feat. Wiz Khalifa, Juicy J & Tyler, The Creator - Go (Gas)

Domo! It had been a while since we heard from Odd Future's resident lyrical stoner, but he came back in a huge way this past week. It's a full-blown joint Taylor Gang and OFWGKTA party, with Wiz, Juicy, and Tyler all showing up over the Wolf Haley production. Between this and his recent friendship with A$AP Mob, Tyler's been buddy-buddy with some other rap crews as of late, huh? Funny, especially when you consider his anti-establishment beginnings. Whatever though, this shit bangs.

5. Lil Wayne & 2 Chainz - Gotta Lotta

Tity and Weezy's scatman anthem is coming down from two weeks in the top spot, which means it's been the unofficial Spring anthem for plenty of you out there. With its Mannie Fresh beat and iconic hook, it seems like it was destined for repeat plays from the jump.

4. Roy Wood$ - How I Feel

The first of two OVO gems in the top four, Wood$' "How I Feel" is definitely one of the youngster's best cuts to date, an impressive showcase of his melodic inventiveness and vocal prowess. He's the rare T Dot singer who doesn't sound very influenced at all by the 6 God, and with a crowded playing field, that's a very good thing.

3. Tyler, The Creator & A$AP Rocky - Golf Media Freestyle

Thousands of people have probably already said this, but Tyler and Rocky's friendship is awesome. These two bring out the best in each other, as witnessed on Tyler's "What The Fuck Right Now" and their several hilarious appearances in public together. This freestyle is just pulled from a radio show they did a few weeks back, but it's a very enjoyable 99 seconds.

2. PartyNextDoor - Admire Me

PND SZN is in full effect. Even before "Come See Me" dropped on Saturday, Party had this one kicking around the charts. "Admire Me" has a bit more of a poppy/tropical flavor than we're used to from him, but as he's currently raking in those "Work" checks from the radio, can you blame him for putting out something more in that vein? "Come See Me" might be a bit better, but it's impressive to see that he can switch gears so effortlessly. 

1. Tory Lanez - Real Addresses

Tory had been more in singing mode the last few times we heard from him, but on "Real Addresses," melody is only deployed in service of bars. Play Picasso comes through with a monstrous, operatic beast of a beat and T Lanez just obliterates it. If you weren't already convinced that he's one of the game's most versatile artists, allow this to be all the evidence you'll need.