The COVID-19 quarantine has put a dent in millions of pockets, and folks are attempting to continue making money by any means necessary. Many celebrities are using their platforms to help raise money for COVID-19 relief efforts, including Lady Gaga who reportedly amassed $35 million dollars in charitable funds. H.E.R. paid her musicians and employees their salaries for the next few months to help them get by. Erykah Badu is hosting $1 and $2 live concerts to not only keep her musicians working but to pay them during this downtime, as well.

Tori Spelling Instagram
Amy Sussman / Staff / Getty Images

However, others are feeling the need to hustle now that the entertainment industry has come to a pause. Enter 90210 icon Tori Spelling, the actress who is also the daughter of the late television producer Aaron Spelling. At the time of his death over a decade ago, Aaron Spelling was worth over $500 million. According to reports, Papa Spelling left Tori $800K, and since that time, there have been numerous reports that the actress has struggled financially.

Tori has repeatedly denied the rumors, but this quarantine may have caused her bank account to take a bit of a hit. She popped up on Instagram with an offer for her fans. For $95, Tori will not only go on Instagram Live with you, but she'll also allow "virtual selfies" and a copy of the Live chat. The backlash was swift as people called her out for charging so much to do something that other celebrities are daily doing for free, especially during a pandemic. A select few were on her side, telling the masses not to knock Tori's hustle. Check out her post below.